We've written about this endlessly already, but the paucity of genuinely useful men's style magazines continues to amaze us. Case in point: GQ's 2010 "Most Stylish Men" feature is headlined by a shirtless Johnny Depp, a shirtless David Beckham, Tom Brady's beard stubble and Robert Pattinson's hair. Now, regardless of which team you play for, we have to ask: how this any of this is at all useful to anyone? We turn to style experts for advice on improving how we present ourselves. If all they can tell us is to have a young person's hairline, or to be a ripped athlete or movie star, well, the percentage of us who can take that advice is probably rather low. This is disappointing because GQ has the resources to evaluate and present comprehensive buying guides to literally dozens of items each issue. It's no doubt easier to instead put together a scrapbook of celebrity photos like this, strewn with a few sentences that reiterate the obvious, but since when is easier better?

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