August 16, 2010  ·  style

Grey Flannel Trouser Round-Up

Wool flannel has to be one of our favourite materials of all time. Its rich texture reads as both sophisticated and a bit raw; you can wear it as a pattern next to solids or as a solid next to patterns. As fall styles roll in, it's an embarrassment of riches if you're looking for a staple grey flannel trouser, because there is literally something for every style and budget. Left: This month, Esquire took a break from writing riveting articles about men's drinking habits and peeing themselves over "Mad Men" to feature three dressy options. In typical Esquire fashion, they range in price from $175 to $670. They're all beautiful, but if you wear $670 trousers, you're a bit of an ass. Middle: A couple of weeks back we featured an L.L.Bean Signature wool blazer, and here are the awesome matching trousers ($109), nearly perfect with a touch of stretch lycra, straight leg, and normal rise. We're stocking up. Right: And for something completely different, Complex features a new take on the classic with a Levi's 511 wool-blend jean ($80). What'd we tell you? Something for everyone.

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