September 25, 2013  ·  style

Growing Up With The Varsity Jacket

The first time you saw a varsity jacket it was probably on one of those future Zimmermans and Roethlisbergers in our Back-to-Canpus Haiku, but underneath the school emblems and vomit encrustations is an essentially elegant form: a basic, warm wool coat with a flattering side collar and contrasting leather sleeves. It's a form that can be remixed and streamlined to make for a highly wearable piece of adult outerwear, but the key is to pick a level of refinement in materials and texture that places you at the proper chronological distance from your college years. Shown left to right: Gant in an almost basic style updated with a herringbone body. Saint Laurent rendered in a quieter palette. Rag & Bone as a knit, dispensing with the contrast sleeves entirely. Falconeri with chest pockets and a rich texture, retaining just the length and collar as trademarks of the varsity style.

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