Hackett's Autumn/Winter campaign is in full swing. The clothes are great as always, but it's still all in how you wear 'em, and Hackett look book styling is impeccable. Since Hackett has no real mechanism in place to ship outside of Great Britain, for a lot of us inspiration is these images' primary value. On that front, there's a lot of nice subtle stuff with gently contrasting neutrals—they'll mix up tan and pale blue, tans and greys, midtone greys with midtone blues. Trousers look trim and a little rakish with no break and substantial cuffs. As for the pieces themselves, it's a lot of our favourite fall and winter staples done as Hackett does best: updated classics, always with a British side of bangers and mash. Turtleneck sweaters looking great with everything— overcoats, suits, rainc macs, and bombers (see? we told you). Nice tweeds, plaids and proper man-sized bags made of leather and felted wool. We're gonna pass on the skinny lapels, bowties and ascots.

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