Classic British label Hackett London just rolled out their fall look book, and it always impresses us how well the brand manages to be completely modern and at the same time utterly classic. Overcoats have a trad British structure, but the lapels are tweaked just so and the overall look rendered a bit more sleek. Trousers are classic tweedy wools, but cut slim and straight and hemmed just a little higher. Holdalls are supple and beefy enough to smuggle Richard Hammond from Top Gear in your carry-on luggage.

Unfortunately, while we can look all we want, there's no shopping their online store from The Colonies because they just won't ship it over here. Hey, Hackett, why do you hate America? ...OK, besides that... What? OK, besides THAT. Hey, Tony Blair went right along with it, OK? So "bugger off".

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