September 7, 2012  ·  culture  ·  tech

Happy Trails, Car Talk

September is the last month of new shows before the guys of Car Talk ride their noisy, leaky jalopies off into the sunset and we're frankly having trouble coming to terms with it. To say that the endlessly self-deprecating Tom and Ray are the coolest guys in the field of broadcast car repair is to damn with faint praise since they have the likes of Motorweek's patronizing know-it-all Pat Goss to compete with. In fact, they're the only cool guys in a genre they basically invented, and while their staff will continue to mine "classic" episodes to produce new programs, there's no question we'll all miss hearing what "Click and Clack" would have to say about all the bizarre alternate fuel and autonomous vehicles coming down the road.

Happy trails, guys, and remember: don't drive like my brother.

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