July 18, 2014  ·  style

Have some custom trousers made.

Shirtmaking is the most popular segment of the custom clothing industry for good reason—a woven shirt is closely fitted to a complex, moving shape; has relatively little give; and alterations to it are essentially unidirectional. While the drape of trousers is a little more forgiving and off-the-rack pants are generally much easier to alter than shirts, there are some very good reasons besides fit for having a pair custom-made.
  1. You have a special function in mind. You may not think cargo pockets belong on wool trousers, but if you travel a lot, you can't beat having these generously sized and conveniently located pockets for comfortable access to your phone and passport even when seated.
  2. You appreciate small details. When trousers are designed for a mass market they have to appeal to a wide group, and the safe bet is to make them with belt loops and a zippered fly. If you're a fan of classic menswear you might take the opportunity to add side adjusters, a unique button closure, a special type of lining or pocket style. You're the one who's going to wear them. Might as well get exactly what you want.
  3. You simply can't find what you want. Go ahead and try to find off-the-peg white cotton twill trousers that will hold a crease and are completely opaque. We'll wait. Give up? Luxire will make you a pair with a lightweight cotton lining that adds both opacity and heat mitigation. They're in India. They know about this sort of thing.
Shown: custom Luxire dress cargos in Dugdale Tweed.

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