October 30, 2013  ·  culture  ·  tech

Hey Intuit, HOW ABOUT NO

Corporate goodwill is an easy thing to lose and a difficult one to regain. Intuit's latest QuickBooks update is announced by a histrionic message promising FREE performance, which they may add is totally free. This attempt to combat the user's skepticism is not without reason, as previous updates did things like switch back on all of the ads and offers you previously opted out of (really nice for a program that cost you hundreds already) and crash the application when attempting to record a client payment (you can see how this might be a problem for someone trying to run a business).

Ironically, of course, the pleas for trust this time resemble more than anything else the pitches of spammers and malware-loaded website pop-ups, making the effort self-defeating. And of course there's no option to truly avoid it, only to delay the inevitable. We want to add a third button. If only.

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