April 25, 2011  ·  design  ·  style

Hide In Plain Sight

It's always intrigued us how cowhide, an inherently primitive material, made its way into the visual vernacular of modern design. A tricolour hide is the most iconic finish for Le Corbusier's 1928 LC4 chaise, and of course a cowhide rug is practically de rigueur for urban lofts with concrete or hardwood floors. There's something aesthetically pleasing about the contrast between this warm, organic material and the clean man-made textures that always seem to accompany it in modern design use, and we're always on the lookout for ways to tastefully (key word) work this into personal style. So far our best bet has to be the modern leather goods of Manù, which for an upcharge can be customized with a haired hide panel like the messenger bag (above right) and Auerberg-branded backpack briefcase shown here (lower right).

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