A couple of top picks from the Brooks Brothers sale, which runs through Sunday night. Prices shown reflect the extra 15% off and we tried to choose good stuff that is available in a full range of sizes (where appropriate). From left to right:

Regent Fit Double-Breasted Windowpane Sport Coat [$407]
This is one to buy now and have in the closet for next summer, when it will work magnificently with stone, white, and French blue. $400 for a made-in-America BB coat made of a Loro Piana wool & silk blend is outstanding. Regent is in the middle of Brooks fits, so it may need slimming. At this price you can afford some tailoring.

Black Fleece Trench Coat [$304]
Brooks' mainline trench coat is solidly made but event the small is tent-like. For better or worse that's not a problem you can expect to have with anything designed by Thom Browne. Lots of nice details on this. Would probably ignore the belt sleeve and wear it outside.

Diamond Pattern Socks [$8]
The regular price of $20 is a little high, but $8 works. Sometimes you want to wear a sock that matches your trousers while adding a small conservative amount of texture. These would be those socks, in your basic suit colours of navy, charcoal and black.

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