November 26, 2008  ·  design  ·  style

Holiday Gifts for Women

All right, gents, here's the thing about shopping for women. You know how we won't buy something if we already own a similar item? Well, women don't work like that. If they have 10 purses, they need 11. If they have 30 pairs of shoes, they need 40. So don't worry about functional overlap. What you want to do is find a new variation on the theme. Here are three ideas along those lines.

1. La Canadienne Boots
These fashionable boots are designed and made in snowy Montréal, so as you'd expect, they are as warm and weatherproof as they are stylish. We like La Canadienne's playful touches with clever placement of zippers and buckles. Over 200 styles are available online at Zappos, and plenty at Nordstrom as well.

2. Patterned Scarf or Shawl
She probably owns a few of these in solids or stripes, but you can find some really beautiful rich colours and patterns at The Museum Shop of the Arts Institute of Chicago. And if modern is more her style, check out some funkier (and occasionally impractical) selections at MoMA.

3. Acme Made Bags
Top-quality laptop cases with great padding, quilted linings, and designer textiles. Acme Made notebook bags look more like stylish purses than high-tech protection. We like the Designer Slim; every one of the avalable patterns is outstanding so you really can't go wrong. Also check out their general-purpose totes, messenger bags, and specialty cases.

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