We're frankly getting a little tired of being fiscally responsible. This "economic downturn" s**t is getting old. So here's hoping next year's version of this list is called the "Embarrassment of Riches Edition". In the meantime, here are our top affordable holiday gift picks for 2009. From left to right:

1. TeaForté
Even though women tend to be perpetually (and publicly) on one bizarre diet or another, most of them will still drink tea, making this a safe bet. TeaForte offers a nice selection of aromatic teas and elegant accessories, beautifully packaged for the holidays.

2. Handmade Gifts
There are plenty of great reasons to go with handmade jewelry or housewares—you can find something affordable and exclusive (many are one of a kind!) and it's a great way to support local artists. Check out Etsy for hundreds of options. (Shown: Evelyn Taylor Designs)

3. Hunter Women's Original Rain Boots
It's rare to find such a utilitarian item that is this well designed. Hunter's rain boots are completely made of rubber, but they're kind of the anti-Crocs in that they are stylish and fun while genuinely practical. Comfortable, durable, nice colors, and dames can walk long distances in them (but of course, God help you if you suggest they do so).

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