It took some time for Holland Esquire's stuff to grow on us. In their more gimmicky moments they produce oddball pieces sporting loud contrast stitching and multi-coloured button clusters, the kind of nonsense we'd find unforgivable from a first-year textile design student. But at their best, their output has more subtle details that reveal themselves gradually when you view a piece up close. It's the latter stuff that endears them to us. Not normally to the point where we'd suffer the roughly $40 shipping fees to North America, but when they have sales, like now, they mean business—everything is at least 50% off, and they actually still have a decent range of sizes available in the good stuff. Shown left to right: Quilted riding jacket with subtle herringbone texture and pick stitching on the collar. Heavy merino sweater with shooting patch. Covert coat in a rich brown check.

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