It's really, really hard to wear any sort of sports-related clothing and look stylish at the same time. The best you can do with anything sporting a logo is the most casual kind of weekend wear—a team crested t-shirt or hoodie peeking out from under a cotton blazer, perhaps. The World Cup offers a few slightly better opportunities to show team pride as you can of course just work with your homeland's colours. Emporio Armani (left) gets it completely wrong by hastily sticking little flags on $400 sneakers, $30 underwear and whatever else they had sitting around in the warehouse. Seriously lame, Georgio. Aren't you even trying? It would be a lot more Italian and much more stylish to just get some green trousers and a red and white checked shirt. If you really need a more literal display of patriotism, we'd just mix in some World Cup Socks ($12 from Urban Outfitters) with your regular wardrobe: a subversive shot of colour to punch up your everyday attire.

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