November 14, 2011  ·  style

Howard Yount Jackets, F/W 2011

Howard Yount just rolled out a new collection of their popular jackets, and when this happens each season we drop what we're doing and scope them out before the normal sizes are gone. They all look great, but our favourites are the patch pocket models. Here's why:
  • The right balance of sporty and dressy. A sport coat is inherently a shade more casual than a suit, and we want a jacket that clearly looks like it isn't orphaned from its matching trousers. Patch pockets are a nice way to visually make that distinction. The windowpanes are particularly sport-coaty, but of course you can never go wrong with navy either.
  • Broad lapels that don't screw around. No skinny flaps here, and the high notch up at the collarbone is exactly what we look for.
  • Made in Italy. It doesn't always matter, but in this case it does, as Italy is the epicenter for the signature styling that makes these jackets so perfect—such as the soft shoulders and the visible hand stitching.
  • $549. Enough said.

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