November 2, 2009  ·  culture  ·  style

Hugo Boss, meet Deiter Underling

We pick on Hugo Boss because we love Hugo Boss, in all of its dark militaristic glory. At this point, though, dropping $800 on a coat and a sweater is a tough sell. Here's how to achieve similarly monochromatic and totalitarian results for under $200: 1. Pick up a marled button-up from Lands' End [$50] and have your tailor tighten up the side seams [$25] until it pulls snug over your Teutonic frame. 2. Get a military coat from Old Navy [$80]. And for the full cultural impact, 3. Buy a copy of Das Ich: Re_Laborat [$13], put on your new duds, and listen to "Der Schrei".

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