August 13, 2010  ·  style

HUGO Fall/Winter 2010

We love this time of year. Just as pre-season games hint of lazy Sundays to come, so do fall designer previews remind us that someday the weather will again allow us to wear proper grown-up clothes (despite our inherent mistrust of grown-ups). The Hugo Boss HUGO F/W preview is out, and we're enjoying the fact that unlike in previous seasons, it's mostly rather wearable—a silver lining to the global economic recession is that luxury goods makers have to be a lot less self-indulgent and frankly stop f**king around. The fall 2010 HUGO look is about monochromes and neutrals, including a new icy blue/grey that we really dig. Also always welcome: heavy textured knits and gigantic heavy scarves. Some highlights from left to right: Alexander McQueenesque pattern coat (although we'd wear it with solids, not two other goddamn patterns). Rich flannelly wool coat that reminds us of great Hugo Boss outerwear from previous seasons. Fantastic chunky sweater.

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