July 15, 2014  ·  culture  ·  design  ·  meta  ·  style

Introducing Thomas Mark Heritage

You may have noticed our posts have been a bit sparse lately, and if you surmised that we've been otherwise occupied, you'll be relieved to hear that we haven't been working on a Terrible Blogger Book™. This week we launch Thomas Mark Heritage, a men's accessories brand that lets you wear a little celebration of African design as part of your daily attire. Our first collection has two main lines:

Our Pocket Squares are 100% cotton batik with raised contrast edges, in a variety of colourful paterns ranging from quiet florals to wonderfully chaotic wax prints made in small batches. Most are from Mali; we also have a Kuba cloth-styled print from DR Congo and a Tuareg paisley.

We call our Wrist Beads "Trans-African" because most combine elements from two regions—South African Tigereye interspersed with Ethiopian Heishi, or Botswana Agate with Kenya metal beads. Collect them all and impress your friends with your diasporan worldliness.

Everyone loves African prints and beads for different reasons—we're drawn to the colours and textures, we enjoy owning a little connection to our shared heritage—and we like to think that wearing one of these pieces can be a small statement on one's belief in a vibrant, prosperous African future. Thanks for your patience, readers, and please check us out.

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