December 14, 2015  ·  design  ·  tech

Jaguar Land Rover brings diesel stateside

It sure took 'em long enough, but after years of offering diesel models in Europe, advancing emissions technologies and market interest in 25MPG SUVs finally convinced the Jaguar Land Rover automotive group to bring luxury TD to the US for each of their brands.

The Range Rover Sport 3.0l 6cyl diesel is noteworthy in how much it doesn't look or feel much different from the gas-engined variants — only 0.2 seconds slower from 0-60 than the supercharged petrol version, yet getting considerably better fuel economy (25 combined MPG vs. 19). You might never take it off-road but you could; it is the full-on RR experience. And in an age of climate change and unpredictable weather you never know when you might want to amaze your friends by driving through 31" of water. $71K decently equipped, a small enough premium over the equivalent petrol model that its improved efficiency may well pay for itself.

The same diesel engine is also offered in the non-sport RR but essentially you'd be paying an extra $22K for a bigger and slightly slower box.

Jaguar's F-Pace won't be here for a while but they're taking orders. Advertised as starting at $40K, you realistically need to go up to $49K to get the kind of basics you'd expect in a luxury vehicle. More of a crossover than a true SUV, it's actually rather handsome (if not particularly Jaguar-esque) and avoids the "hopped-up station wagon" look of its clear competitors over at BMW and Porsche. Small 2.0l 4cyl diesel engine should yield fuel economy previously unseen in the segment. If it's like classic Jaguars of yore, you can use that extra cash for maintenance and repairs.

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