Any endorsement of a Jos. A. Bank product requires a heck of a lot of caveats and explanation, so let's get started:
  1. Buy online. DO NOT risk being seen going into the store and talking to the skinny kid wearing square-toed shoes and a size 44 three-button suit with all three buttons done up.
  2. Wait a couple of days for the price to drop below $20. Saying it fluctuates wildly is no exaggeration. Here's the price on this item over the last three days:

    February 1: $49
    February 2: $17.95
    February 3: $99.50

    Apparently there's a "market value" for budget menswear. Who knew.
  3. Size down one, wash it in hot water, and tumble dry on high heat. At that point it will approximate the proper fit.
  4. Remove the tag lest anyone who handles your laundry find out what you've done.
Got all that? OK, here's the endorsement: Jos. A Bank's "Signature Pima Cotton Polo" is a nice winter staple. It's available in great, dare we say sophisticated colours—the rust is particularly rich. The collar sits well open and the banding holds up. And the care instructions call for machine wash and tumble dry, which make it as easy to care for as it is to wear.

Don't ask from whence all of this information came. Oh, the shame...

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