August 1, 2016  ·  style

Joseph Abboud Spring 2017

This line from the press release pretty well summarizes what makes Joseph Abboud's spring 2017 collection cool: "With a palette of ivory, chocolate, white, sand, flax, and tobacco, Abboud's clothes are simultaneously tailored and informal..." Translation: extremely narrow colour palette of whites and light neutrals, rendered in soft tailoring. You have our collective attention, Joe.

In truth it reads a lot more like resortwear than spring—generally loose, light garments of linen and silk that would be much more at home on Moroccan tile floors and shaded cafés with ocean views. As is typical in fashion the majority is hard to picture wearing but all of it is pretty damn cool. A few particularly interesting bits from the clothes and styling:
  • Knit and loosely woven suits. Women have gotten away with this sort of thing for years. It's very hard for men to pull off. Neat.
  • Waistcoat/vest and scarf in place of shirt. Waistcoats are generally pretty awful. Making them deconstructed and casual in this manner upends their stodgy connotation entirely.
  • Fuller trousers. We've been told for nine straight years that this trend was a thing. In the context of poolside lounging it totally works.
  • Epic soft safari jackets and short trench coats. Look at them. LOOK.
  • Luxe cargo trousers. When you're traveling, you have to put stuff in your pockets. It's a whole lot better for your silhouette if that bulk is added at your lats than on top of your groin.

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