October 2, 2014  ·  style

Kent Wang Custom Suits & Jackets

Kent Wang has been offering custom tailoring for some time now, and Unrefinery finally got to trying it out. We opted for a casual, partially lined windowpane jacket in a Draco wool/linen blend, and chose to be measured in person at Kent's New York office. The process involves trying on the RTW sample suits, noting where adjustments need to be made, and choosing from a wide variety of options for pockets, stitching, linings, lapels, and other details. There are no intermediary fittings; the garment is then made and shipped to you.

As expected from such a process there will be some tweaks needed that you wouldn't get from a bespoke method—our jacket needed to be let out at least an inch to ease a buckling lapel and a bit of vent flaring—handled for about $120 at our local tailor. On the other hand, the process is very fast; the jacket was shipped less than 4 weeks from the day of the fitting. And for the price, which naturally varies based on fabric and options, the quality is outstanding—there's tons of detailed handwork evident in the pick-stitching, shanking, and buttonholes.

All in all an efficient process with a high value proposition that offers an excellent entry into custom suiting.

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