A note for the ladies: it's nice when you throw on one of our shirts when lounging around at home. It's also nice if you want to put on one of our oversized old sweaters and wear it like a dress. What we DON'T want to see are what you call "boyfriend clothes", designed as deliberately man-like variants of things bought in the women's department (see "boyfriend jackets", "boyfriend jeans", etc.) It's a bit forced and as phony as pre-distressed denim. We can see where you're going with this, but there's a better way: Instead, wear women's clothes tailored for women's shapes, made from classic menswear patterns and materials, like a very feminine and fitted tweedy blazer made from a wool-blend herringbone (left) or a pinstripe or windowpane. The contrast of shape and material gives you the look you want without sacrificing your silhouette. Also, try feminized wing tips, which refer almost ironically to a men's classic style—but in soft colours, and hopefully worn sockless with a skirt. We all know you aren't wearing men's shoes, so you can get away with it. Unrefinery thanks you for your time.

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