August 21, 2013  ·  style

Lands' End Archer Shoes

Generally speaking you don't want to make a habit of buying cheap shoes, but the exception might be those fall transitional suedes and natural bucks that you wear the hell out of and don't want to worry about too much if they get rained on. Lands' End's new Archer series offer some solid basic styles that fit the bill. In the past the main problems with LE shoes have been that they tend to be cheaply made and have unstylishly bulbous toes. And while they're still far from benchgrade (zoom in on the edges of the broguing and you'll see what we mean) the newer lasts are a bit more sleek while retaining the heavy brick rubber sole that we've always liked for fall. Get them during one of LE's frequent "30% off one item" sales and you can pick up a pair for $83 to $104, depending on style. Shown left to right: desert boots, suede bucks, and a longwing that cries out for some burnishing or antiquing.

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