We know, we know: two Lands' End posts in the same week. But this one should dispel any idea that we might be on the take. LEC is one of the last in its class to get their spring collection out the door, and when we finally got a look at it, our general reaction was, basically, "Oh." Not a lot to get excited about, with a couple of noteworthy exceptions. We aren't fans of double-breasted sweaters, but their mercerized cardigan [left, $150] is something special—if it's written that every man needs a navy blazer, this is a pretty cool stand-in for one. Just make sure to replace the buttons. The plaid chambray workshirts [right, $60] come in really tasteful patterns that are a nice break from the traditional chambray solids. Honourable mention to the retro board shorts [$50], looking best in the red option, bucking the frankly unwelcome trend of too-short swimwear.

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