Some time ago Lands' End reabsorbed their Canvas sub-brand into their main body of product, but its spirit lives on most visibly in their warm-weather offerings. The main difference is regrettably the fit; those trimmer silhouettes largely didn't survive the transition and the average casual shirt seems cut to appeal to an older demographic. Fortunately there's a lot of nice stuff here at a price low enough that there's still good value to be had even after the necessary trip to the tailor. A few picks and how to make them work:

Linen Print Shirts in Short [$34] and Long Sleeves [$39] — The white medallion print and the blue multi gingham are particularly tasteful. Expect to possibly size down, then have the torso and sleeves slimmed.

Lighthouse Chino Shorts [$40] — It took LE a long time to migrate from their traditional 9" and 10" inseams to a mode modern 6". These might actually fit well without alterations. The ivory and sisal colours look great.

Straight Fit Chino Pants [$49] — Pale Slate in particular is the soft light blue we've all been waiting for. Lands' End actually makes these in a slim fit, but frankly their interpretation of that is a little weird, with a full abdomen and a leg that goes oddly skinny in mid-thigh. Better to get the straight fit version and then have the legs slimmed to your personal preference.

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