June 23, 2014  ·  style

Lands' End Monterey Swim Shorts

Every once in a while Lands' End will really surprise you by doing something that doesn't at all seem in keeping with a division of Sears. Their new Monterey swim shorts are actually based on a stylish (almost fashionable, even) retro/fitted form most famously rendered by Orlebar Brown. Like the OB Setter short briefly mentioned last month these have an inseam around 5", a smooth front waistband, a snap and zip closure, side adjusters and generally clean lines around. Unlike the OBs they have a less sleek elastic back, a somewhat downscale D-ring for the site adjusters and are available in only two solid colours. But they also cost about 80% less. Look at them less as a poor man's OB and more as the nicest short available under $50.

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