September 10, 2014  ·  style

Lands' End Supima Cotton Polo Sweaters

Long-time readers know that Unrefinery's appreciation for the smart wearability of the polo sweater and difficulty in finding decent ones is a source of such existential angst that at one shameful point last year it lead down a dark road to Jos. A. F*cking Bank. Fortunately this year we have Lands' End and their new $59 cotton polos. While LE's claim that the collar will hold up under a blazer is a bit of a stretch, the collar is actually a strong point, having a bit of structure and decent size.

Lands' End sizing is finally coming around, so while you might want to size down one you might not. It's more a matter of how snug you like your fit rather than whether it'll fit at all.

Available in several colours. The black and navy are probably the most versatile, but the sage green is really nice. And consider that heathered lilac as a pairing with your navy trousers.

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