Two years ago Aliotsy of This Fits brought to our attention Hilfiger's Italian-made navy blazer. Tom's aim of creating an affordable take on the ultimate menswear staple worked, but not in the way he probably envisioned, as it was quickly discounted from $395 to $240 to $158 before slipping beneath the waves for good. While clearly targeted at traditionalists, its classic details such as gold buttons and three-button closure may have sunk it with the brand's target market.

Lands' End is now giving it a go with their Italian Wool blazer, of merino woven in a different part of Biella but probably made in China. This one seems to have a better shot, with half-canvas construction, two quiet brown buttons, and something resembling pick stitching on the lapels. At $289 it looks like an uncommon value, one that gets better given LE's habit of doing 30% and 40% off sales on a weekly basis. Here's hoping it works out.

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