November 14, 2016  ·  style

L.B.M. 1911 F/W 2016

Remember when Bonobos was a small label dedicated solely to the production of luxurious, offbeat American-made trousers? Remember when they decided to become Vineyard Vines and Unrefinery stopped writing about them? This is what's great about Lubiam's L.B.M. 1911 division: They know what they're about and they riff on it with abandon. You get minimally lined, minimally structured sport coats, interspersed with the occasional minimally structured piece of outerwear. It's great. They hit Yoox the next season, they're affordable, and you can collect them like sweaters.

The F/W 2016 story is all about texture, and it's expressed in many interesting ways—oversized birdseye weaves, a beautiful navy/purple melange in an alpaca blend, a wool/cotton jersey blend that looks like indigo Sashiko denim. Plus the usual delightful juxtapositions, such as peak lapels that mean business but are rendered in a sort of washed cotton canvas. Good stuff.

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