November 3, 2014  ·  style

L.B.M. Coats at Yoox

Unrefinery discussed L.B.M. 1911's current season back in August, noting the great comfort and rich patterns of their jackets in particular. And while they come out of the gate a little pricey, by the time they reach everyone's favourite European thrift shop Yoox.com they are some of the best values in men's outerwear. To break it down:
  • Minimally structured, looks like a nice coat but wears like a bathrobe... check.
  • Variety of staple solid colours and sophisticated plaids... check.
  • Single- and double-breasted styles available... check.
  • Made in Italy... check.
  • Under $250... check.
  • 100% wool... well...
OK, so they're usually between 15% and 40% polyamide. In theory this helps with shape retention and water resistance. In practice, normally a cost-cutting measure. No matter, we have two of them here and the materials feel nice. Again we have to mention the under $250 bit. Is there a similar value for nicely cut, highly wearable, comfortable coats to be found anywhere?

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