February 11, 2013  ·  style

Let It Whip

Wool whipcord is pretty neat stuff. From a distance it reads as a subtly textured worsted, due to its unique pronounced diagonal rib (see inset). Originally developed for workwear and outdoor sport, this heavy, highly water-resistant fabric makes an ideal and underutilized material for winter trousers—it will keep you warm, and it's virtually wrinkleproof. For unknown reasons such pants are almost always offered in grey and loden. Left to right: LL Bean Signature [$79]: quite loose fitting—you'll need to take them straight to the tailor before wearing—but machine washable and offered at an unbeatable price. Filson [$215]: extremely versatile, tailored but not tight. Paul Stuart [$387]: a true dress pant treatment, with side adjusters instead of belt loops and a premium price tag.

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