We dig easy-wearing and versatile cotton jackets, light enough to wear at least two seasons, and sufficiently un-suit-like to work with any sort of casual chinos, jeans, desert boots, and other weekend nonsense. Normally we go straight to Spiewak for this kind of thing, but their 2010 offerings are pretty underwhelming. We checked out a couple of better choices this time around:

1. Uniqlo +J cotton/linen blazer | $99
Our first attempts to cop some of Jil Sander's collaboration with Uniqlo didn't go so well, but the collection is on its third generation now and the mob has dissipated. Most of this stuff is now readily available at the New York store and some is even on sale. Anyway, we love this coat, offered in a rich olive colour as well as black and khaki. This is the sort of trim fit that endears Jil Sander to us all, and the attention to detail is typical +J, with great angled pockets, a covered placket and all manner of elaborate stitching around the lapels. The linen blend lends it a wonderful texture. A real bargain at the price.

2. Banana Republic four-pocket jacket | $150
Not as shaped as the Uniqlo coat, and a little heavier, but a good addition to a warm-weather wardrobe that will serve you well into the fall when paired with some cords. A canvas-like material, patch pockets, and epaulets give this one a bit of a military feel. $150 is a little steep. Get it on sale; there are 40% off coupons to be had if you can shop in-store.

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