April 12, 2013  ·  style

Lightweight Milanos

Brooks Brothers have been producing a lightweight version of their Milano Advantage Chino for two years now, and in the absence of any serious competitors they might have the best summer trousers on the market. Like the standard Milano chinos they have a modern trim fit with a lower rise, and like all Advantage chinos they are truly non-iron and wrinkle-resistant. In addition to being lighter weight—and they really are noticeably lighter—they're also softer, perhaps even more wrinkleproof, and they have just a touch of stretchiness (this last parameter being particularly welcome in such a close-fitted garment). The only real shortcoming is the same as for the standard Milanos: not enough colours. Brown and grey would be particularly welcome.

Buyer's note: due to the anti-wrinkle treatment, re-hemming will leave a faint but visible line where the old stitch used to be. So if you know you'll need them hemmed, order with an inseam that is a good 2-3" longer than the desired final length.

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