Humanity is a sexually dimorphic species, and our clothing not only reflects but amplifies this fact. Just the same, you'd be hard-pressed to find a collection whose fundamental aesthetic and target audience diverge more dramatically between genders than the L.L.Bean Signature Autumn/Winter 2013 catalogue. And it's seriously disappointing. The women's collection includes all manner of great, sophisticated pieces like fantastic blazers in deep plaids, tailored overcoats, richly textured sweaters, and even a Jack Spade-esque tote bag in wool herringbone with black leather trim. Male versions of any of these items would be great. Unfortunately the men's offerings range from lumberjack to truck driver—plaid flannel shirts and baggy chinos, heartbreakingly devoid of sophistication and possibly even more traditionally L.L.Bean than the parent brand itself.

Nice place to Christmas shop for the lady friend, anyway.

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