August 5, 2011  ·  style

L.L.Bean Signature Fall 2011

It's hard to think about heavier clothing right now, but we're so over summer at this point that the bucolic autumnal scenes of L.L.Bean Signature's Fall Campaign have drawn us in. Some highlights: Buck Chukkas [$119]. Normally we stick with Clark's Desert Boots, the original and still champion, but for fall we like the LLBS version better. A slightly more shoe-like pointed toe, and the rubber sole will give you a lot more grip in cold weather than you'd get from Clarks' natural crepe. Dress Boots [$195]. Simple, beautiful and extremely versatile; wear with everything from denim to suits. Brushed Lambswool Crewneck [$40]. These are soft, versatile, and have great chunky trim. No idea why these are on sale already but we aren't asking any questions. Wool Whipcord Pants [$135]. We'll devote a full post to these when we're closer to fall. Seriously, these are like magic pants, and we're thrilled to see them return this season so that we can buy more. Wait in suspense.

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