March 17, 2010  ·  style

L.L.Bean Signature: Nice

We've waited a long, long time for the launch of L.L.Bean Signature, developed by Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery fame, and it's finally here. The collection is still unquestionably L.L.Bean, with some notable evolutions. First, at long last, modern fits for shirts; bad news for our tailors but good news for us. The shirts include a great selection of plaids that are neither Urban Lumberjack nor faux-prep, simply rich and sophisticated in colour while still very casual—see the Sportsman's Plaid, shown ($55). The collection is light on sweaters, but of course we'll have to wait until fall to see what Carleton has in store there. Knits in general look great, including a near-perfect workhorse polo for a mere $25. All in all, a really nice modernization of the brand, treading lightly and respectfully on the L.L.Bean tradition.

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