If we're honest we owe a lot to contemporary trends in suit design, which pulled us back from the giant shoulder-padded pleated-pants brink of the 1980s—where would we be without more form-fitting jackets, flat-front trousers, and trimmer sleeves?

That said, the "ultra-dinky everything" style of youth-oriented brands like Zara, H&M and Topman is problematic in that not only are the proportions unflattering, but a side effect is that it goes against a known principle of harmonious design to leave elements disjointed and disconnected. We've created the world's worst illustration to point out some examples of this principle. When combining a classic shirt and suit coat design, lines dovetail smoothly into each other—collar points are tucked into the jacket, pocket square and chest pocket slip under the lapel. When everything is thin and stubby, lines and angles are disconnected and float in space. The eye doesn't like this. It's unresolved. Don't piss off the eye.

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