May 25, 2011  ·  culture  ·  style

Made In America: The Shoes

ABC News has aired a series of reports about American-made goods, with a lot of emphasis on how difficult it is to find domestically produced products in a variety of sectors. And while the widely-held belief that nothing is made stateside anymore is truly a myth—America remains one of the world's leading manufacturers overall—good clothing from the Colonies is particularly hard to come by. But a few of our favourite footwear brands still crank out large amounts of shoes right in the US of A:

Red Wing [Minnesota]: Most famous for the iconic Iron Ranger boot, they also produce a range of pretty cool chukkas and a few clever oddities like industrialized oxfords.
Allen Edmonds [Wisconsin]: Possibly the best value proposition in the industry. Their $200-$300 loafers, wingtips and captoes are some of the safest bets you can make when looking for a workhorse dress or work shoe.
Alden [Massachusetts]: They're not cheap, but they're made in the USA and they compete with the world's best off-the-rack shoes. No small achievement.

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