Last year we reviewed two online shirtmakers, MyTailor.com and ModernTailor.com, in a search for the perfect-fitting dress shirt. This time around we thought we'd try them both out for summer shirts. It seems almost decadent to have casual shirts made to measure—what's next, bespoke T-shirts?—but the relatively low prices of these two makers means that the costs stack up favourably against buying something off the rack and taking it to the tailor. More importantly, you can get exactly what you want in the fabric, collar, cuffs, and buttons, at no extra cost.

Having dialed in the fit last year, both makers had our pattern on file and both shirts fit perfectly. As always, MyTailor had more affordable mid-priced fabrics and better collar stays; ModernTailor offered more customization options and great Mother of Pearl buttons. The big difference was in the delivery time:
  • MyTailor: 72 days to manufacture + 4 days shipping = 76 days
  • ModernTailor: 2 days to manufacture(!) + 6 days shipping = 8 days
That's right, the MyTailor shirt took 11 weeks, which is even longer than it took them to make our first test order last year. We're not sure how ModernTailor can turn these things around so damn fast, but we're not asking questions. If you want to wear a shirt the same season in which you order it, these guys are clearly the way to go.

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