March 15, 2013  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Are designer wallets worth it?

ZB writes: "Should I invest in a designer wallet? Are they worth it?" Answer: Without even needing to quantify what "it" amounts to, there are few men's accessories that give you less bang for the buck than designer wallets. Generally speaking, you're paying a premium for a logo—and one that almost nobody will see unless you make a point of waving your wallet around (in which case, screw you, man). This of course represents a set of priorities opposite of what makes a good wallet: practicality, durability, and understatement.

Unrefinery endorses the Koyono Slimmy wallet [$37]. It's solidly made, comes in all the colours you need (black and brown), has no external logos whatsoever, and (this is key) is small enough in size that it forces you to edit what you carry around. Combine with a money clip if you need to occasionally make it rain.

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