September 4, 2013  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Cheap-ish Khakis

Brad writes: "Hey guys, recently started reading your blog and really enjoy it...I'm looking for some different color pairs of cheap-ish khakis (and I'm also looking to lose some weight). What brands should I consider for some nice slim (but not too slim) pants that might not fit great in a year (hopefully less) and won't cost an arm and a leg?"

Answer: First, congratulations on your commitment to getting in shape; there's nothing that will make your clothes look better on you than being fitter. When we think cheap-ish khakis that aren't overly skinny we think Lands' End Tailored Chinos. The word "tailored" being relative (this is Lands' End, after all); they actually have a rather straight leg. Wrinkle-resistance is good and they go for $49 including free hemming. A slightly softer cotton, similar fit and even better non-iron blend can be found a bit upmarket ($90) with Brooks Brothers lightweight advantage chino in the Clark Fit, but there you might want to wait until you've lost the weight and celebrate by investing in the slimmer Milano cut.

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