Thomas asks: "OK, So my question is directed towards dress shoes and which ones are appropriate and stylish for a slim fit suit with slim trousers. As I have found at most retail shops of late the style of shoes have changed with a more rounded toe and even wing tips and less of the squared or boxier toes. And when I try to find a dress chukka boot or an dress oxford not much really strikes me as complementing my suit pants at all. A little help would be great."

Answer: Your observation is an astute one; the trend is very much away from boxier toes. The idea is that you want to extend the trim silhouette of your slim suit trousers to your footwear. This means a sleeker shoe or boot with a more pointed toe that ends in a chiseled or almond shape. At first try-on this might not be what you're accustomed to seeing on your feet, but give it a chance—it really will be the best complement to your fitted suit.

Left: Kent Wang captoes. Right: SuitSupply dress chukkas.

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