February 12, 2010  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Discount Online Boutiques

Lando writes: "Are the prices on discount boutique sites like gilt really that good?" Answer: The prices on these sites are usually great, but other problems can render them unusable. Gilt Groupe in particular seems to be oversold in terms of its member-to-available stock ratio, and jumped the shark about a year ago, when the douchebag population figured out that they could jump in at the beginning of a sale, put one of everything into their cart, and then leisurely decide what to keep. Everyone else sits around for 45 minutes waiting for a desired item to inevitably change status from "in members' carts" to "sold out". Their selections are generally pretty good, but using the site has become a frustrating game played by people who have no life. RueLaLa on the other hand is a lot better in terms of stock, but they have fewer good sales for gents... including some truly horrendous lapses in judgement (coughEdHardycough...)

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