Matt asks: "Sign me up for the unrefilter, but what is it specifically about layered henleys? And not just henleys period?" Answer: Henleys are inherently really casual, because let's face it, we're basically talking about a design whose origins lie in pajamas and long underwear. When unbuttoned they look a little sloppy, and if you're not going to unbutton them, what's the point. But on its own, a henley can (at best) look no worse than a t-shirt in purely casual contexts. Layered under anything—anything at all—there's no situation in which it won't look like crap. We've also observed that only extremely douchey people even attempt it. Granted, there are going to be bloggers who don't agree with this, and one of the goals of The Unrefilter is to ensure we never come into contact with them. Shown left: Alternative Apparel, acceptably deployed.

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