August 25, 2014  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: I'm on a boat

An anonymous reader writes: "I'm going to be on a small yacht for an afternoon social occasion, any practical advice on what to wear? I know, no navy blazer with gold buttons." Answer: The biggest mistake people make isn't so much about appearance but in underestimating the chill when they get out on the water and the wind picks up. So ideally you'll have an outer layer that you can add or remove as needed—a t-shirt with a cardigan or other sweater, a polo or rugby with a lightweight jacket, etc. Khakis always work. Bring a cotton or linen scarf. And while boat/deck shoes are specifically designed for this situation, they're still kind of awkward faux-prep affectations. Better to go with canvas slip-ons or sneakers (for casual events) or rubber-soled driving mocs (if slightly dressier).

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