Cal writes: "I need the most comfortable work-friendly pants possible. I work very long shifts, and I'm not too proud to say I am all about soft and warm clothes at this point. My office environment and frankly my self-respect mean things like cargos and sweat pants are out." Answer: The first thing that comes to mind is some sort of washed khakis; there are plenty available from the usual suspects that are soft and durable. But then we remembered Vahram of Mr. Ned fame telling us about cashmere blend corduroy. And HOLY CRAP does that sound awesome. Seriously, it borders on the pornographic. We haven't seen or handled such things in person, but high-end labels Incotex (shown) and Zegna both make trousers out of a roughly 91%/9% cotton/cashmere blend. If you can find some and feel like dropping a couple of bills per pair, please let us know how it works out. Otherwise, hey, plain old cotton corduroy is pretty great too.

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