November 24, 2010  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Investing in cufflinks

TFRen asks: "What designers do you like for cufflinks? I'm thinking Boss, Armani, Thomas Pink?" Answer: Honestly, there aren't too many things you can wear that give you less bang for the buck than cufflinks. In terms of visibility, people will notice your cufflinks about as often as your socks and just slightly less than the lining of your suit coat. And in terms of functionality, there's really no differentiation; cheap links will hold your cuffs together just as well as expensive ones. So if it'll make you happy to drop $200 on a pair of cufflinks and you have the cash, go for it; we just think there are tons of really nice choices to be had for a lot less. We usually go with $20-$40 sterling links from Treasured Finds or elastic knots—$10 or so gets you a bag of like 20 of them in every possible colour from eBay.

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