January 21, 2011  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Is it OK to wear Burberry?

BBC Guy asks: "Is it OK to wear Burberry? Or is it too 'try hard' like carrying a Louis Vuitton bag?" Answer: Burberry is a classic British label that generally makes pretty good stuff, albeit the kind of stuff we only buy when it shows up deeply discounted at places like Syms. We even like their trademark check pattern, comprised of great warm colours that go with anything, but you want to avoid the ubiquitous standard scarf as that was ruined forever by its association with The Sarah Palin Turkey Slaughterhouse Incident (left). The shadow plaid variations (middle) are pretty nice, and can be worn in appreciation for the brand without making one seem like a label whore. And we have a weakness for their Burberry Brit label, which seems to have been granted special license to have a bit of fun with the brand (right).

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