An anonymous reader asks, "I'm 40. Is it time to give up the earrings?" Answer: Yes, yes it is, but not for the reasons you might think. It's not your age itself that is the issue here—there's no shortage of grizzled rock'n'roll veterans much older than you who are still making it work—but rather, that the bar has moved on the statement of individuality you were trying to make. There was a point, oh, 25 years ago, when your pierced ears were actually a bit edgy. But in an age of body piercings and head-to-toe tattoos, that edge has moved far over the horizon and you really don't want to follow it there. Most older guys still wearing earrings are just doing so on momentum. And most younger men still sporting them are crybaby athletes. You don't want to be associated with either, so let it go.

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